Over 2000 FREE journeys completed to and from vaccination centres

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Offer ends 31st May 2021

Over the last 18 months, the covid-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives in an unprecedented way.

However, we have been determined to find ways to support our community through these challenging times and one of those ways was to offer FREE transport (up to £10 each way) to vaccination centres to those who are vulnerable, need ‘door to door’ assistance or financial support.

We were able to do this by creating a ‘covid fighting fund’ of £10,000, which enabled us to offer FREE journeys to those who needed it. 

As we came to the end of the funding pot, we were delighted to receive an additional £6000 donation from Arm which enabled us to continue to offer this invaluable service.

We are now very close to using up the £16,000 funding but have agreed that we will provide additional support to fund free journeys up to and including 31st May when we will then be closing this offer. 

From the beginning of January to the end of May 2021 we will have completed over 2000 journeys, either FREE or at minimal cost, for those in our community that need it most.

We are hugely grateful to Arm for helping us to extend this service and very grateful to our drivers and team who helped make this happen.

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