Based on the Cambridge City Council Hackney Carriage Fares

Local Government (miscellaneous provisions act 1976)

Cambridge City Council table of Fares with effect from 1st April 2023.

Table of Fares

All pricing listed below applies to both Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles!


Tariff 1: Between 0900 – 2300 hours £3.65

(including initial distance of 90 metres or part thereof)

Tariff 2: Between 2300 – 0900 hours and Sundays and Bank holidays £4.85

(including initial distance of 90 meters or part thereof)

Tariff 3: Between 1900 hours Christmas Eve and 0700 Hours Boxing Days and 1900 hours New Years Eve and 0700 hours New Years Day £5.95

(including initial distance of 90 meters or part thereof)

For each subsequent 143.5 meters or part thereof £0.20


(Charged when the vehicle is motionless or when it is travelling below the changeover speed of 16.79km/p/h.)

For each period or part thereof 32 seconds £0.20


  1. 5 or more passengers travelling in the vehicle £3.50
  2. Bicycles not able to be put in the luggage compartment £1.50
  3. Fuel Surcharge (implemented when the Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy index, has exceeded 179.9p per litre nationally) £0.40
  4. Soiling (vehicle unfit to continue working) £100.00