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You can track your driver’s progress on the map and be notified when they arrive

The details of the driver and vehicle are displayed in App for added peace of mind

At the end of the journey rate your driver and leave feedback for them

Authorisation and pending amounts explained:

Credit/debit card providers and online banks have introduced stricter security measures. This means we need to check we can take payment from your card to ensure you are the owner of the card and that you have sufficient funds to pay for your journey. 

Panther Taxis immediately cancel any payment authorisation if a journey is not completed, these may still show as ‘pending’ until released by your bank. Some banks can be slow to release pending charges.

The actual charge for the fare will take place after you have completed your trip and the pre-authorisation is cancelled, sometimes resulting in there appearing to be two transactions on your account, we have no control over the speed in which your bank or credit card provider removes this pre-authorisation.  If you change payment method during your trip, the ‘pending’ charge will still remain until released by your bank. 

We recommend contacting your bank if you have any questions.


Our charity of the year for 2021 is Centre 33 a Cambridge based charity that offers free and confidential support to young people up to the age of 25.  The objective of Centre 33 is to provide free counselling and support, coupled with offering information on sexual health, housing, budgeting and a young carers’ project.

Our main support will be in the form of a quarterly donation, which will be 1% of every booking paid by card, via the Panther Taxis App, from 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2021.

The hope is that the money raised for Centre 33 will go some way to assist young people in fulfilling their potential, helping them to overcome problems through a range of free and confidential services.

You can download our App for free from your App store or via this mobile enabled link here

When you make payment for a journey by credit/debit card through our App, website or via the telephone, Panther Taxis carry out the transaction on behalf of your self employed driver.