We are still running and helping people take essential journeys around Cambridge.

All of our drivers are taking extra cleaning measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus, these include:

✅ Hand Sanitisers – Should be used before and after each passenger enters the vehicle – wash hands for at least 20 seconds – do not shake hands with customers and avoid direct contact.

✅ Disinfectant Wipes – Internal and external door handles, seat belts and card payment machines should be wiped after use by passengers and when they have left the vehicle ready for the next passenger.

✅ Disinfectant Spray – spray the interior of the vehicle with a disinfectant spray after each job.

✅ Luggage – where possible ask customers to load and unload luggage for this period only.
If the customer is unable to lift their bags, wipe the handles before lifting the luggage into the vehicle. At the end of the journey wipe the handles before you pass the luggage back to the customer.

✅ Tissues – always carry tissues and use them to catch coughs and sneezes. Dispose of used tissues in a bin as soon as possible

✅ End of shift, beginning of shift, change of driver – ensure your vehicle is deep cleaned using antibacterial agents including steering wheels, mats, windows and all other instruments not forgetting handles which will need greater attention.